For all you lucky ladies who have tickets to the 2014 Bellyfit Summit this weekend, you’ll all be getting a whiff of one of my essential oil potions! Can you guess which two these are?!

If you haven’t heard about this event yet and you’re interested in natural health and fitness, have a look! I’m especially looking forward to hearing a talk by Lorna Vanderhaeghe, one of Canada’s leading women’s natural health expert, drinking endless cups of tea at the teabar courtesy of Earth’s Herbal Teas and sneaking away from the Whiffcraft booth in the marketplace to shake my booty in at least one of the many dance classes that are going on over the weekend!

If all you have is Saturday night free, come check out some amazing dance performances at the Bellyfit Summit Gala Celebration which is open to the public (just like the marketplace all weekend!) and will only cost you a smile or donation if you can offer one.


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