Shipping and Delivery Updates + Covid-19 Care

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How's Everyone Doing Out There? It's hard to put into words how we have been feeling during this time of uncertainty. From wanting to do whatever we can to help make this easier for others, to being concerned…

We’re Poppin’ This Summer.

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Pop Up Shop at The Bay Centre Normally you’d find us at a bunch of events around Victoria in the summertime, but switching it up is good, right? It’s not our normal jam, but come find us at The…

Tips on How to Deal with Sweat, Stains and Natural Deodorant

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Summertime, and the sweatin's easy... Are you feeling the heat wave like we are here in Victoria? Summertime really puts your natural deodorant to a test, and sweat stains can be a challenge to deal with. Conventional or…

Pro-Tips on Travel-Friendly Natural Products


Product planning for your next trip Ok. First off. The Whiffcraft team is all back together again! Whew. After returning from a much needed hot weather vacation product testing trip to the Philippines, here’s a quick-guide to travel-friendly Whiffcraft…

Product Testing & Shipping Update


Vay Kay Shun? No, no.  “Product Testing.” It’s been a long while since even the thought of taking time off has crossed anyone’s mind at Whiffcraft HQ. That’s changing now!  Half of the Whiffcraft fam is headed overseas…

Meet Us at make it! Vancouver’s Handmade Market

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Holiday Edition December 7 to 10 at PNE Forum Vancouver friends, are you looking forward to make it!? We sure are! We are hopping the pond from Victoria and making our first appearance in Vancouver for a holiday…

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