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Tulsi / Holy Basil

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I’m on Plan C for my garden planting here in Victoria as everything my friend and I have been putting into our community garden plot is getting devoured by hungry critters which we haven’t figured out how to…

Super Power Essential Oils To-Go Kit!

Blog, Natural Health

My to-go kit for almost all occasions! ESSENTIAL OIL TIP Heat and light can deteriorate the therapeutic healing powers of essential oils, especially citrus oils, and turn carrier oils rancid sooner than you’d like. Keep any of your…

9 Healthful Alternatives to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Blog, Natural Health

Great to see more studies and articles coming out about essential oils benefiting health and well-being. If you suffer from anxiety, read on!     

Chemical-free Air Fresheners

Blog, Natural Health

I was asked what I would recommend to replace chemical air fresheners and bathroom scents so here is what I use! I blended Cleanslate using essential oils that are especially great for removing odors from the air. I…

Wake Up Your Face!

Blog, Natural Health

A favorite I don’t leave home without! The blend for Wake Up Your Face was created to refresh and uplift. Use it…in the bathroom to energize your morning routine, in the car for a refreshing ride, at the…

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