Got your attention?  Good!  Great!  Free things!  With a caveat!  (of course!)

Those deodorants.  We still want you to try the natural ones – you know, aluminum free, 100% natural, handmade in small batches, all the buzz words.  But this time, all the buzzwords are real.  And the deodorants REALLY, really work.  We want you to try them.  So we’re giving them to you – ish.  Spend 60 bucks, add the coupon code (it’s “SPACECAT” btw), and add the deodorant samples to your cart, and we’ll subtract the $20 cost of them. (for those of you counting – that’s more or less the cost of express shipping).  What we’re trying to say is: let no armpit stink (ugly) in October.

Oh yeah – this offer is only good until October 11th, so hurry! 😀  

  1. Spend $60
  2. Add the deodorant samples to your cart
  3. Use the coupon SPACECAT at checkout
  4. Internet magic subtracts $20 from your order.
  5. OPTIONAL: Wait patiently by the door every day for your order.


Roll on, and Stock up.

Amidst all this, we’re putting our roll ons on sale over the weekend. $18. You get 10% off, without trying. That’s it. Just that.

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