In the past few months, we’ve had a fantastic surge of orders.   Thank you! It’s been great!  It’s been wonderful, and it’s turning out to be everything we dreamed it would.  But it also comes with a growing pains.  Every time we say “growth pains” here at Whiffcraft, it’s always rounded out with “it’s a good problem to have.”


Free Samples?  Err, ahh, umm … Sorry.

When we get asked for free samples of our natural deodorant (and it does happen a lot), unfortunately we have to shy away from it, for a few good reasons:

Handcrafted in small batches
Currently, and for as long as we can, we’d like to keep making small batch natural products.  We don’t have a huge production facility, and our costs per product are still quite high.  But we also don’t WANT a huge production facility – or offshore production.

So for now, and the foreseeable future, no robotic arms, no conveyer belts, and no artificial intelligence trying to take over the world – one lip balm at a time.  We’ll do it by hand.

Little packages don’t do it  justice
There is a few companies that offer letter mail testers, in a sealed baggie.  We feel this isn’t an accurate representation of “testing”.  At best, you’d catch a whiff of the product.  You wouldn’t actually be able to test it over a long enough period to let your body adjust properly, and really put the deodorant through some stress testing.

Shipping even the smallest container with Canada Post is still parcel shipping
That’s a hard cost to “eat” for a small business.   We are searching for better shipping solutions all the time.  And we’re getting there.  One overpriced test package after the other.  We’ll find it.  It’s out there.  When we do?  You’ll see even better pricing, all across the board.


Yes.  We want you to try it it!  A lot!  Real bad.  Because we believe it’s one of the best out there.

And we are constantly searching for new ways to get it in people’s hands.  Free samples has been a big upgrade on our long to-do list, but it’s just.  not.  feasible.  yet.  So we’re going to keep making stuff, and when it does get feasible?  That’s when we’ll do it.

We do offer a sampler pack at a pretty great rate.  
The 4 scents for $20, which works out to $5 each.  That tester is great for the car, camping, the purse, the man-bag, the car, etc.  We encourage you to reuse them too if you end up with a normal size one.  Transfer some back to the tester, and you have a to-go size!

Why 4-at-once?  
Well, it ends up costing the same amount to ship one a it is to ship the 4.  And – you’d be surprised how many people change their minds once they have it on.  Some people’s body chemistry just works with some scents, and some just don’t.  That?  And GIFTS!  FRIENDS!  SHARING!  Those are all reasons too.

We hope this helps!


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