It happened one day earlier than expected, but as of yesterday, all of our MONQ products are back in stock!

Wow!  What an overwhelming response!  Our first shipment from MONQ was a really good test run, so we’re excited to keep them on in our product line.  It’s been great for our customers – because there is now a place to buy them in Canada!  We’re all about the easy $5.00 shipping.

Ready to pick one up?

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(no coupons or any of that junk needed)


Now for what we learned.  We learned that Zen MONQ and Happy MONQ were by and far our top sellers.  Which means it looks like our customers want to relax and be happy.  Those are pretty good choices for the first time, but don’t be afraid to experiment.  If you like Happy MONQ – and the Fennel that comes with it, you may wanna try out our Clean Slate deodorizing spray.  If you fell in love with Zen, we’re going to go out on a limb and suggest our Peace Out Grounding Roll On – but be warned: the combination could make you have absolutely no worries!

And stay tuned, we’re announcing another seasonal special.  It has to do with Shipping.  And ALL of our products.

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