Something we’ve wanted to do for a while now at Whiffcraft Naturals, is give our customers a reason to share. Over the past weekend, we quietly rolled out our new referral program, “High Fives, Give5 Get5”.

How it works

  1. Every order receipt now has a sharing option included at the bottom of the email.  Simply click on the method you’d like to share it (Facebook, Twitter, or good old fashion email).
  2. The link will take you to a sharing page so you can share it with your friends (yes, as many as you like!)
  3. Your friends will get a coupon code that we keep track of.  It’s your coupon code, just for you – share it however you like!
  4. When they make their first purchase with us & use your coupon code, they will get $5 off $30 or more.
  5. You will get $5 credit that will auto-magically be applied to your next order.  The more friends that use your code, the more credit you get.  Save it up, use it right away, it’s up to you entirely.

I’m already a customer

That’s awesome!  Thanks for that, and we didn’t forget about you.  You can log into your account, or just head straight to our sharing page here.  You do have to be logged in though, so we can assign you a code.

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Keeping Track

All those high fives piling up?  Not sure whatcha got left?  You can always head to your my account area, and click on the referrals tab.

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