What a busy few months for Whiffcraft and the first year isn’t even over yet!

Since the first appearance of a Whiffcraft booth at the Victoria Yoga Conference, we’ve managed to set up shop at the Victoria Women’s EXPO, a few rounds of vending at Bastion Square Market, and now we can add the 2014 Bellyfit Summit to the list too.

And it was amazing.  Seriously, really good.


Big, Huge, Fluffy Thanks to Alice & Rowan.

You threw together one of the best events this year.  From initial contact with the vendors (I mean, wow – talk about great communication), all the way through the gala and closing ceremonies, it was absolutely top notch.  During the conference, they just didn’t stop being awesome.  On top of throwing the shindig, Alice managed to host a handful of classes and the talented DJ Rowan providing musical support.


In Amazing Company

With over a dozen fantastic vendors, the attendees had all sorts of great stuff to smell, try out, read about, learn and generally explore and enjoy.  Glynnis Osher of The Mystic Masala (above), who I first met at the Yoga Conference is a fellow aromatherapist and great person to share a geek out session with during some moments of down time.  Lululemon’s Chill Zone and Lunapads were Whiffcraft’s closest neighbours, and what a great place to be set up, beside a Chill Zone!

Bradley Morris of Cowabunga Life and I had a few great chats about starting out with a unique product and the obstacles small business owners face.  He had a Meditation Station set up for anyone that needed to take a 5 minute timeout and breath.  What a great idea!  I know I made use of it both days of the summit.   Brad was beside himself showing off the new rebranding of his practice from Cowabunga Life to Life + Business Coach.  You go Brad (And Brad)! More thanks to the lovely ladies in the Zen Zone next door to Brad providing massages and bodywork. Special love to Christy Greenwood! It was a pleasure to meet you and connect over a couple Bodytalk sessions.


Personal Highlights from the Marketplace

Local photographer Andrew Clippingdale captured the scene beautifully.  Somehow he snagged photos that pictured the phrase “following your bliss” perfectly.  During the Summit I was able to interact with people that were looking to take their health and wellness into their own hands and listening to them felt so incredible.

Knowing that Whiffcraft cured a headache, allowed someone to sleep, energized someone for their next class and even made someone’s stinky feet smell better (so not saying who!) is why I do what I do.


Every Body Dance Now

The evenings events were spectacular as well.  All of the performers were at their best, but my personal favorite was Shiamak.  It was just damn good Bollywood fun.  And you know that means making everyone in the crowd join in.  Kudos Shiamak.  Kudos.  I could barely stand after the full day, but you got me on my feet in a great way (I now know why your slogan is “Have feet. Will Dance”).


Can we do it Again Next Year?

All said and done it was an amazing weekend, with tons of learning experiences, a chance to move your feet and if you were really lucky, a chance to bring home a bottle of Whiffcrafted goodness.  If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth, you should have gotten a sample to try out.  Let me know what you thought of the Summit and the Whiffcraft booth on my facebook page at  www.facebook.com/whiffcraft


Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about acknowledgement of my favorite photographer

All of the photos in this post are courtesy of this fella.  Thanks to Andrew Clippingdale of Dodd’s Eye Media for all the wonderful captures.  Again.   And again.   You deserve a rest.  This kind of rest:



What was your favorite thing about the Bellyfit Summit?  Leave a Facebook comment below to join the conversation!

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