KININ Wellness Pods.

Now easily available in Canada.

Reusable & rechargeable personal essential oil diffusers. KININ aromatherapy is designed to enhance your mood, using the finest essential oils from around the world. Breathe in, and relax, recover, or focus. And they're about the size of a pen - so they fit in your pocket and travel with you anywhere. Just don't call it a Vape!


KININ Eco is the world’s first portable, reusable & rechargeable essential oil diffuser.

Vegan ♥

KININ uses only USDA certified organic essential oils, and is vegan friendly.

Super Fast

Quick and convenient results through Ayurvedic breathing.

Bye bad Habits

Crush your less desirable habits, and make a fresh start.

Available in Canada through Whiffcraft Naturals.

✓ Fast shipping across Canada.

✓ No extra Duties, Brokerage, or Taxes.

✓ Canadian pricing - no extra fees.

KININ Eco is the fusion between science and lifestyle, enabling you to experience the 6000 year old art of aromatherapy anywhere you go, and breathe better air.™

KININ Wellness Pods

KININ Recover Wellness Pod.

Like a crisp morning breeze amidst a field of wild mint, this exquisite blend of Australian eucalyptus and French clary sage and peppermint grown in the USA is both comforting and uplifting.

Learn more about Recover

KININ Awake Wellness Pod.

The sun is shining and there’s citrus in your future. This blend combines pink grapefruit, sweet orange, and tangerine murcott for all the tree fruit flavour you need to get your morning going.

Learn more about Awake

KININ Focus Wellness Pod.

Reviving like the spice laden Autumn air, let this beautifully curated blend restore and energize. KININ Focus is a bouquet of the most exquisite organic ingredients from sustainable gardens in exotic locations.

Learn more about Focus

KININ Switch Wellness Pod.

Trying to quit your less than desirable habits? Switch to all natural essential oils with KININ Switch. This blend contains black pepper, spruce, rosemary, clary sage, organic lemon, and a touch of tea tree for that slight bite that will get you going.

Learn more about Switch

KININ Meditate Wellness Pod.

KININ Meditate is designed for the most zen-like experience obtainable from modern aromatherapy techniques. Frankincense is one of the world’s oldest and most royal fragrances, having been used as actual currency in ancient times.

Learn more about Meditate

KININ Relax Wellness Pod.

Essentially relax as you breath the warmth of a tranquil breeze blowing through palm trees, picking up the scent of exotic florals as it sweeps gently through the bed of a tropical forest.

Learn more about Relax

KININ Indulge Wellness Pod.

Only the best for you, fancy pants! KININ Indulge is the most sophisticated blend of the finest natural ingredients, including Italian coffee bean, sandalwood, coconut, ginger, and a hint of cedarwood. Fedora not included.

Learn more about Indulge

KININ Crave Wellness Pod.

Craving savoury and sweet aromas, but don’t want to go “full donut”? KININ Crave is your game, providing all of the sensory experience with none of the calories. Scents of vanilla combined with star anise, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, coconut, and clove.

Learn more about Crave

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