Imagine a fruit so nutritious that goats will climb trees just to eat them! Inside that little fruit, is the little nut that gives us argan oil.

Maybe you’ve seen it on ingredient lists lately, or name-dropped in beauty articles. Behold, the power of this ancient skin elixir.

Originally grown in North Africa (mainly Morocco), Argan oil is considered one of the worlds’ rarest oils because of the limited areas the Argan nut tree can grow.

The Berber women of southern Morocco have been using Argan oil for centuries. Only recently have the oil’s vitamin e and antioxidant properties been discovered, making it a newly popular ingredient in modern skincare throughout the rest of the world because of its anti-aging power. Argan oil is extra effective at combating the dreaded ‘winter skin’ – you know what we’re talking about: indoor heat/forced air + extreme temperature changes from outside to inside = bad news.

Want more Argan in your life?

Foxy Face with Argan Oil

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Foxy Face, allow us to introduce you. Made especially for those who need a little more protection from the drying elements, but hate how fast they go through face cream, Foxy Face Revitalizing Oil promises relief for both your skin and your pocketbook.

A luxurious lineup of nutrient and anti-oxidant rich oils (like Argan) to help you keep looking your best, plus a blend of essential oils prized for their skin healing and toning abilities.

On sale this month for $32.00 – 30ml

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