Feeling slow and sluggish in the morning? Had one too many drinks out on that sunny summer patio last night?? Upset stomach?!? Drinking lemon water first thing when you wake up is a great simple cleanse for your system, gives your liver some easy detox’ing love and aids digestion. I’ve taken it to a new level this last while thanks to an abundance of mint growing like weeds here and a new favorite quote I heard from some ancient Ayurvedic medicine teachings that loosely translated to – if you can’t cure it with ginger…don’t bother. Quite an attest to the healing powers of ginger!

• squeeze some fresh lemon
• slice some ginger root
• pick some mint leaves
• give them a quick muddle in a glass
• add water

Be creative with your measurements (as I do it all to taste!) and drink it through a straw to save the enamel of your teeth since they can become sensitive from the acids in lemon.

Buy organic ginger to save time not having to peel it and organic lemons so you can squeeze, cut up the rind and toss them in as well to get a bit of the essential oil in there for an extra hit of it’s calming, cleansing and refreshing effect.

It’s best to drink this room temperature first thing in the morning although I’ve been keeping a jar in the fridge for a cool refreshing bevy any time of the day in the summer now.

Also. I’m a sucker for pretty glassware and these “new vintage” blue Mason jars caught attention and got my approval (even though they were like 3 times the price of the regular clear ones!) I *may* have gotten some of the green ones too after loving the blue ones so much… Long story short. Trust me. Splurge on a drinking glass you love and you’ll want to fill it up.

Easy squeezy enough?! Let me know if you come up with any new awesome combo’s and happy mini detoxing!

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