Well, isn’t this exciting?  New product, after new product.  But these?  We’re really proud of these over at the Whifflab.

Introducing our all new line of natural deodorants.  Not one, not two, not even three.  Four of them.  We’ve named them “underarm pastes”, because they’re not yet in stick format, and it’s got a pretty good ring to it.  And, they’re pretty fun to use.

Some of our friends took a sample of them to Inshala Music Festival, and yes, even the boys used them.  They actually asked for more.

The actual unveiling was at The Breakwater Market in James bay.  There, we snapped a few shots of the new tins of joy.

There’s a bunch more photos as well, but these ones turned out the best.

Want to give them a whiff?  We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sundays at the breakwater!

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