Earlier this week, we posted about how excited we were to be one of the first retailers to stock MONQ in Canada at markets in Victoria, BC.  But it gets even better today.

Get MONQ in Canada, Online!

Now, we’re super excited, because instead of just being available at local markets – they’re also available purchase online here!  We’re still working on bringing shipping costs down, but the price including shipping is still very good compared to Amazon (with only one kind available) & even directly from MONQ after exchange rates.  With the added bonus of no border worries or fees, we think it’s an awesome deal.

If you combine your order with any of our Whiffcraft products, the shipping rate gets even more worthwhile.  So try a deodorant sample, or a lip balm (or the whole tea set) with your MONQ.

We’re expecting a lot of people hunting for where to get MONQ Canada – side, so grab yours fast.  These things are hugely popular.  Keep an eye for some awesome package deals coming for the too!

Not good enough?  Need something Free?  Us too!

We’re pretty excited – and we want other people to be excite too.  What gets people excited?  FREE!   So, for the end of summer, we’re also offering a free product give-away; our Yoga Mat (or room, or foot, or body, or gym bag) deodorizing spray with any purchase over $30.  That’s 2 MONQs, a MONQ and a natural deodorant, a MONQ and the new FOXY FACE revitalizing face oil, or any combo you like! With a retail vale of $14, StankPlank? is a great gift for an active lifestyle!

Have you tried MONQ yet?  What did you think?  We’d love to see your review on our website!

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