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Ok. First off. The Whiffcraft team is all back together again! Whew.

After returning from a much needed hot weather vacation product testing trip to the Philippines, here’s a quick-guide to travel-friendly Whiffcraft products plus some extra tips.

I know how much time goes into planning all the right essentials for the next trip. I’ve also spent my fair share of money on overpriced travel-sized items, and time squeezing product into tiny bottles and containers. I hope this guide is helpful!


Keep it light with essentials

My partner is a big “ultra light” packer.  So he scoffs at my need for more than just “toothpaste and deodorant.”  Pretty much all. the. time. As annoying as it is, it makes sense.  Only pack what you need.  If you’re anything like me, and take your healthy products seriously, here’s a list of some pretty important needs in a totally random order:

Natural Deodorant

Our Adventure sized deodorants are the perfect size to have in multiple bags so you can easily have one on hand. Each 10ml container generally lasts for about 2 weeks. Take into account extra showering and sweating so expect to reapply (just like sunscreen!) and bring more that you’d use at home.

While you can expect the deodorant paste to become softer in warmer climates, it’s designed to not separate or turn into liquid. No worries on anything leaking!


Motion Sickness, Headaches and Bug Bites

Woozy tummy while travelling
Traveller pro tip: If you suffer from car sickness, you’ll be happy to have Adjustmint with you. Roll some of it on your neck, chest and even the tip of your nose before you get on that bus or in that van. Roll it on your stomach too. And smell it frequently while travelling. You’ll stop wondering why the driver is such a maniac, and start appreciating the beautiful flow of organized chaos that is traffic in other countries.

If you’re lucky to be around local markets, pick up some fresh ginger. Peel it and put a small chunk in your mouth. I’ve gotten through many packed vehicle rides with relentless windy roads using these two things!

“f*?!# my aching head” & Blasted Bug Bites
Adjustmint can help with a headache too. Roll it onto your neck, temples and forehead. It should help. Definitely more than not using it.

Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, this lil gem can also be helpful when you get a mosquito or other bug bite. The essential oils can help stop itching and redness when applied to the bite. I know, right?  So much help in one small bottle!


Stay foxy

Spent too much time in the sun or got a burn even in the shade?!  Yeah, me too. And everyone else.  More than once even being careful!

Foxy Face helped with sun damage and redness.  It became pretty popular amongst those burnt. I went beyond my sun-kissed nose and also used it on my shoulders and the tops of my feet as well.  Everyone else followed – and that bottle seriously did not last as long as it should have.

While our adventure size is (in theory) good for shorter trips (for just yourself), we used enough of the full size bottle to make it worth packing for a three week trip. Double it up or alternate with Butter Me Up to keep your skin deeply moisturized and happy.


Hydrate that skin

Hello dry, flaky and peeling skin! You’re not the only one that peels after the sun – our whole fam is still shedding. All those extra hot sunbeams can take a toll on your skin. Lather up your sun-glowing-red skin with some Butter Me Up. The cocoa & shea butter create a great protective layer to hold moisture in and soothe your skin.

Applying it consistently during your trip (I found it best right after a nice cool shower), and right after getting home can reduce some of that aforementioned shedding of the tan you thought you had 😉

The 60 ml container is carry-on flight friendly and durable enough to not leak or squeeze out in your bag.


Fresh face and great smelling clothes

I rely on a mineral powder with SPF properties instead of using a thick sunscreen that usually leaves my face feeling heavy and oily. A spritz of Rose + Jasmine hydrating mist helps take the freshly powdered finish away and feels refreshing in the warm weather.

Double Duty
This spray is also a great clothes freshener. Spray some in your bag or suitcase and also on clothes to take away wrinkles. I love travelling with products that double for other uses.


Because nobody wants malaria

While we normally use Go Flea Yourself to keep mosquitoes and bugs away, natural products can have their limitations. As there is quite a high risk of malaria in the areas of the Philippines we visited, we didn’t want to take any chances with our health.

We were happy to find PiACTIVE, a DEET-free insect repellent at a local pharmacy before we left. It looks like MEC also carries it. As the bottle is quite big and chunky, we did transfer the liquid into smaller spray bottles to handily keep it in multiple bags. It seemed to work great and best of all had very little scent to it. After we sprayed down with it, we did an extra spray of Go Flea Yourself to top us off with a great scent. We also sprayed down bedsheets and pillows with it.

All the other skin care

Happy lips
I don’t leave home without at least one lip balm on me. It’s Minty (for it’s cool & soothing essential oils) Chamomile (for it’s healing essential oils) and Coffee Buzz (for my travel partners inevitable lack of great coffee sources!) made the cut for this trip. All our lip balms have the same protective and moisturizing base so you’re safe to pick your fav.

Sun Protection
As there can be so many strange and controversial chemicals in sunscreens, I’m always testing out natural ones. I brought the last of the Bare Coconut’s Sun Protection Lotion I had. I really like the feel of it, it’s not too greasy and the ingredients are pretty great. I took a chance on a new sunscreen but I can’t recommend it unfortunately. The Goddess Garden spray sunscreen kind of separated when applied, took a lot of work to rub into the skin and still left quite a white layer. Perhaps it works better in less humid climates? Let me know if you have any go-to sun protecting lotions you love 🙂

Good ol’ coconut oil
Once my skin gets used to the sun, I love slathering it up with beneficial coconut oil. Warm tropical climates bring out the great smell of this natural oil. I brought along the same coconut oil we use in all our deodorants and other products from our fav supplier – Ostro Organics – based right here in Victoria.

There were definitely more supplements and other personal essentials in my bag but that’s enough for a whole separate post, lol. Questions? Comments? Shoot us an email 🙂

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