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  • Some of the Whiffcraft Fam is taking a much needed holiday
  • We’ll miss you!
  • Orders are still shipping out once a week (vs. daily)
  • We disabled Express Shipping until March 1st, to make sure no one gets disappointed.


Vay Kay Shun? No, no.  “Product Testing.”

It’s been a long while since even the thought of taking time off has crossed anyone’s mind at Whiffcraft HQ. That’s changing now!  Half of the Whiffcraft fam is headed overseas for “product testing”.  And by that we mean using StinkPretty & Refreshmint on the beaches of El Nido. Because our Whifflab in Victoria, BC simply doesn’t get hot enough to really take these Natural Deodorants for a proper hot weather test drive.  We’ve had amazing reviews of them as the best natural traveling deodorants, but sometimes you just have to try it for yourself.


Still Making, Still Shipping

But don’t worry – the other members of the Whiffcraft fam are still hard at work.  We’ll be shipping out once a week (instead of a daily basis), and some products MIGHT go out of stock, but we’re doing what we can to keep you stinking pretty.


Following, IRL

We’re not the first to test out our Deodorant in El Nido.  Check out our StinkPretty Natural Deodorant in Holistic Lacey‘s Instagram!  Thanks Lacey!



Stay Cool, Canada.  We’ll be back soon.

Love, Sweat & Nature,
1/2 the Whiffcraft Fam

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