Hi folks!  We blazed through our first round of MONQs,  and a few of them are currently backordered. Never fear.  More are on their way.

The next round of MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers will show up in about a week.  We were hoping to get them in time for our free gift this weekend – but backordering them now only means a few extra days wait – so don’t hesitate!

We’ve also increased the numbers this time around. It looks like shipping them from within Canada is pretty darn popular, and we’re happy to make you happy!

Our head whiffologist has been able to streamline the shipping too, so if you’re ordering MONQs it’s only $5 CAD canada-wide, and there’s no pesky border issues (yes, we had someone tell us about her horror story with customs – eek!).

So feel free to pick up a MONQ (or 7), and if they’re backordered, it’s ok!

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