Are you interested in reviewing some of our natural products?

Yeah you are.  That’s why you’re here!

And you know what? We’d love that!  We’re super proud of everything we make, and are always more than happy to share it with the world.

We’re always seeking community oriented bloggers to write about their experiences with our products, provide helpful insights, contribute great opinions & suggestions, compare them to other products on the market – and most importantly, help us (a small Canadian company) share the natural goodness Trina “whiffologizes” (it’s an action a whiffologist would do) with the rest of the world.


What’s in it for you.

As a professional blogger, we’d be happy to work out a free sample, exclusive coupon code, or any other sort of trade-economy thing we can dream up together.  We don’t make a lot of markup on our products – but we’re happy to do our best for your readers – and our potential friends!


“Ok.  I’m sold.  I want to Review & Blog about your Whiffcraft Products”

Great!  We’d love to send you a bunch of scrumptious smelling swag.  For free.  On us. Complimentary even!  All you have to do is:

  1. contact us
  2. show off your wicked-awesome blog about food, fashion, lifestyle, health, or something close
  3. have a great chat with Trina via email – because she loves when people love her stuff
  4. write something witty and fantastic  – but most importantly, honest!

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