KININ Eco Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser

The world’s first rechargeable, reusable personal essential oil diffuser.

Please note! We are sad to report that KININ has had to close their doors due to challenges with suppliers and manufacturers created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once we sell out of stock, we will not be able to offer this product anymore.



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KININ Eco is the world’s first rechargeable, reusable personal essential oil diffuser. Eco uses pods of popular essential oil blends that snap in magnetically (how cool is that?!). The Eco combines the ancient wellness art of aromatherapy with cutting-edge technology, delivering all the benefits of an essential oil diffuser in a device that is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

The Eco charges off of standard USB power, and can be used all day without recharging.

KININ aims to set an example by offering the Eco as an alternative to disposables.

How it works

First Time Use

Select a blend and insert it into the top of the Eco. Make sure that its seated properly. Pods are magnetic and should click into place.

Your Eco should come with a partial charge. Click the Eco button 5 times (quickly) to turn it on. The button light will glow once, then flash twice.

Place the diffuser in your mouth, press and hold the button while you gently breathe in.

Exhale through your nose. Repeat as desired. We recommend 3-4 gentle breaths, 4 to 5 times daily.


The Eco charger is magnetic, so just connect it to the bottom of the eco, and plug it into any USB wall charger or your computer. A full charge takes about 2 hours, and will typically last longer than 24 hours.

Indicator Lights

WHITE – The Eco is on and is charged.

RED / FLASHING – The Eco is below 30% charge, and you should connect it to a power source.

Watch this How To video to make sure you’re not missing a single step of the “welling” process

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 5 cm