This post is long overdue but for good reason, I promise!

After a busy end of year and Christmas season, we’ve taken some time off from the Whiff-lab to get in some sun, sand, relaxation and adventure time in Thailand to recharge the brain juices. Much needed for dreaming up some new products and whiffy offerings, for you.

Before flying off to Thailand, we left our home in Victoria to visit our family and friends in our other home, snowy Alberta.

Crazy idea, I know.

We soon found out it may have not been the smartest of ideas either when it came to planning, packing and flying out of a wintery city. I also didn’t have time to whip up or gather my usual natural sunny time skin care basics I don’t leave home without.

I’m not a happy traveller without my naturals.

I was banking on it being easy enough to find everything in this country so full of nature everywhere. I browsed day market, after night market, after market market, trying to find some natural soap and skincare products but left empty handed. Every time.

If there’s more than a handful of ingredients on the label I can’t even pronounce, I don’t feel good about putting any of that on my skin.

Can you blame me? Something as simple as aloe vera gel turned up with too many fragrances, colourings or chemicals for me to buy. Besides my beloved Lemongrass House in Bangkok for face and body cream it’s taken me almost to the end of our trip here to find some straight up aloe vera gel!

My goal for returning to Thailand for a third time was to search out some unique, handmade items to pair up with the fragrances that I ever so much love from this part of the world. Finding good quality essential oils that I’d be happy to offer and use myself has been a challenge, although I hope it’ll all coming together by the end.

It always works out, right?

Stay tuned and enjoy some snaps from our adventure, and leave a comment if you know something about essential oils in the land of smiles.





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