I’m on Plan C for my garden planting here in Victoria as everything my friend and I have been putting into our community garden plot is getting devoured by hungry critters which we haven’t figured out how to keep away! So, my little tulsi starts are going into pots and even getting a (very sharp and spiky!) amethyst crystal to hang out in the pot for good vibes. I’m currently obsessed with taking care of these little treasures so here are some nuggets of info on this awesome herb!

This sacred plant is indigenous to India where its considered to be the “Queen of Herbs” and “The Elixir of Life” due to its potent therapeutic benefits. Its also planted for its auspicious and protective powers. The herb is an adaptogen, which helps your body cope with stress and adapt to changes. Used as a tea, its said to recharge your adrenals (ie. after coffee burnout!), to increase overall health and restore+balance your physical body systems. On an energetic level, its said to maintain harmony of the chakras (the energy centres of the body). Whatever your body needs, this plant wants to help create balance.

The sharp, fresh, spicy-herbal scent of the essential oil can help improve your response to stress, fatigue and boost mental clarity. It can also help with colds and upper respiratory infections. If using topically, diluted this very potent oil in a carrier oil before making use of its effective anti-inflammatory and analgestic properties.

Grow, GROW, little magical plants!

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