Product Testing on the Road


Thailand has a lot of mosquitoes. Glad I brought along a bottle of Go Flea Yourself to help keep those little suckers away! It’s gone through the ringer here. Bottle is all dented up and sprayed on to…

Having a Thai-m Out in Thailand


This post is long overdue but for good reason, I promise! After a busy end of year and Christmas season, we’ve taken some time off from the Whiff-lab to get in some sun, sand, relaxation and adventure time…

Pumpkin Spice scented Room Spray Probably a Possibility!

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  When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.   Is there possibly a better holiday than Halloween?  You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that thinks there is.…

Highlights of the 2014 Bellyfit Summit

Blog, Events

What a busy few months for Whiffcraft and the first year isn’t even over yet! Since the first appearance of a Whiffcraft booth at the Victoria Yoga Conference, we’ve managed to set up shop at the Victoria Women’s EXPO, a few…

2014 Bellyfit Summit Weekend!

Blog, Natural Health

For all you lucky ladies who have tickets to the 2014 Bellyfit Summit this weekend, you’ll all be getting a whiff of one of my essential oil potions! Can you guess which two these are?! If you haven’t heard about…

Toying with DIY Turmeric Tea

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I seem to have developed what I’ll call “mixologist” wrist as I’ve been bothered by a sore wrist/hand for the last while. I’ve been meaning to find a turmeric supplement, for it’s wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, to see if…

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