Super Power Essential Oils To-Go Kit!

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My to-go kit for almost all occasions! ESSENTIAL OIL TIP Heat and light can deteriorate the therapeutic healing powers of essential oils, especially citrus oils, and turn carrier oils rancid sooner than you’d like. Keep any of your…

Float. On. At Float House Victoria


Had a lovely start to the day with a float at the newly opened Float House Victoria. They’ve got some great intro float prices and you get the added bonus of using some complimentary Whiffcraft aromatherapy products to freshen up post-float  If…

Announcement time!


A couple of overdue announcements to share! You can now pick up a bottle of Wake Up Your Face at Hemma: the home of yoga and acupuncture to get you on the go again post-yoga class. And happy to share…

Soup of the Day

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My good find+reminder of the day…

9 Healthful Alternatives to Treat Anxiety Naturally

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Great to see more studies and articles coming out about essential oils benefiting health and well-being. If you suffer from anxiety, read on!     

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