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Tips on How to Deal with Sweat, Stains and Natural Deodorant

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Summertime, and the sweatin's easy... Are you feeling the heat wave like we are here in Victoria? Summertime really puts your natural deodorant to a test, and sweat stains can be a challenge to deal with. Conventional or…

High Fives all around! We have a referral program

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Something we’ve wanted to do for a while now at Whiffcraft Naturals, is give our customers a reason to share. Over the past weekend, we quietly rolled out our new referral program, “High Fives, Give5 Get5”. How it…

The 10 Pack of MONQ Personal Aromatherapy has come to Canada

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Available now (after many of you asked)! Yes, Whiffcraft is offering MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers in a choose-your-own combination pack of ten (or more!). These are great for music festivals, to share with friends, camping – or just…

Restocking our supply of MONQ for Canada

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Hi folks!  We blazed through our first round of MONQs,  and a few of them are currently backordered. Never fear.  More are on their way. The next round of MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers will show up in about a…

A Breath of Fresh Air – Canada can now enjoy MONQ Personal Essential Oil Diffusers

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Ready for some breath-taking news?  We got them! That’s right friends – shipping directly from Victoria, BC, Canada – Whiffcraft Naturals is now proudly offering Happy MONQ, Zen MONQ, Active MONQ, Vibrant MONQ, Sleepy MONQ, Healthy MONQ, and…

New Retailers in BC, Alberta & Manitoba

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You know what’s great?  More.  More is great.  And we’ve got more!  More additions to our family of retail partners. Over the late winter and Spring of this year, we’ve expanded our family of products, and retailers.  Now…

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