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DIY Lemongrass Bathroom Scrub – Easy Gift Idea!

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Need an affordable, last minute gift idea you can make at home? I just whipped up another batch of my favorite DIY lemongrass bathroom scrub to give away as presents.

Toying with DIY Turmeric Tea

Blog, Natural Health, Recipes

I seem to have developed what I’ll call “mixologist” wrist as I’ve been bothered by a sore wrist/hand for the last while. I’ve been meaning to find a turmeric supplement, for it’s wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, to see if…

Mini Detox (in a Mason Jar)

Blog, Recipes

Feeling slow and sluggish in the morning? Had one too many drinks out on that sunny summer patio last night?? Upset stomach?!? Drinking lemon water first thing when you wake up is a great simple cleanse for your…

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