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The Free Sample Question: Why we don’t offer freebies just yet


In the past few months, we’ve had a fantastic surge of orders.   Thank you! It’s been great!  It’s been wonderful, and it’s turning out to be everything we dreamed it would.  But it also comes with a…

Whiffcraft goes to the Big Show!


It’s Saturday night. The night before “the big show”. We’re in Alberta, prepping for our biggest venture yet. This “market”, is the place where the sellers shop. This is the 2016 Alberta Gift Fair. We’re at booth #1409,…

Whiffcraft vs Black Friday


We’re RAISING our prices for Black Friday. WTF? That doesn’t make any sense.  Why? Because a commercial holiday sucks.  But maybe we can do some good with it.  So to flip it up, we’re raising our prices and not…

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