Thankfall October – Weekly Giveaways This Month + $10 Shipping Weekend!


What are you thankful for this fall season? Our answer is…YOU, our super friends and followers! For every week here in October we’ll be posting a new giveaway on Monday and announcing the winner the following weekend. Enter to…

Our Stink Pretty Natural Deodorant is a finalist in the Clean Beauty Awards!

Blog, Natural Health

If you haven’t heard about the Clean Beauty Awards yet – check them out now.  It’s a fantastic site to look at for all sorts of natural products, and showcasing some of the best of the best. Here’s a teaser…

MONQ Feel Nature Blends + Forest Therapy

Blog, Natural Health

MONQ has done it again with their new line of Feel Nature aromatherapy diffusers based on forest therapy. What the heck is forest therapy? Forest therapy is based on a Japanese practice (Shinrin-yoku) that uses the forest to…

We are back Online! (Sorry, here’s 15% off)


Here’s a coupon code (our biggest one). If you wanna read why, that’s after this.  But first – we love our customers. And feel bad the site was misbehaving. So until May 14, 2017 – we’re giving you…

Happiness in the Deodorant Aisle

Blog, Natural Health

What’s Wrong with Deodorant as we Know It Mass market brand deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients that mask odour and physically block sweat glands.  They “clog up your pores.”  If we remember anything from those 90’s anti-zit commercials,…

High Fives all around! We have a referral program

Blog, Ideas

Something we’ve wanted to do for a while now at Whiffcraft Naturals, is give our customers a reason to share. Over the past weekend, we quietly rolled out our new referral program, “High Fives, Give5 Get5”. How it…

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